Another Detailed Tutorial

Helpful Tips

Here are the original photos used for instructions  before there was an internet!

  • Always make sure that the round "Bag Butler" logo is facing you when you pull the side panels up.  If you try to use the Bag Butler any other way, it won't hold the bag open very well.
  • Use upright like a trash can with 30 gallon bags.
  • Use laying down with 33-42 gallon bags for raking up leaves and debris right into the bag.
  • Always "fluff up" the bag prior to inserting the Bag Butler.  If you try to force the Bag Butler into a bag that is stuck together, the bag might tear.
  • Never use the end handles (on short side of panels) to pull the sides together. Doing so will over-stress the hinges.   Always use the handles on the longer side of the panels. 
  • Never use anything but your hands to set the tension (pulling the side panels together).  Using your knees or other heavy force could damage the hinges. 

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