Bag Butler... multi purpose bag holder 




The Original Folding Lawn & Leaf Trash Bag Holder

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If you use plastic trash bags.......Let the Bag Butler Help!


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Bag Butlers make using any plastic trash bag much easier.  Fits  26 gallon to 42 gallon plastic trash bags.  Made from recycled plastics, completely assembled, no parts to loose, patented, easy to use, and last for years.  Get one today, your back will thank you!   

Bag Leaves Fast!

Empty the grass catcher without spilling.  

Dust pan edge for sweeping.

Great for Recycling. 

It's a portable trash can.

Fits any 26-42 gallon plastic trash bag. Automatically adjusts to size of bag.

Dimensions: 24"x40"x1/8" (unfolded) 24"x10"x20" (when being used) 24"x20"x1/2" (folded flat for storage) Weight: 5 lbs

Perfect for Parties, Picnics, Boating, Field Events, Camping, RV's

Made from Durable 100% Recycled polymers... lasts years.

*Note for Paper Bags: It will hold a paper leaf bag open for laying down on the ground to rake into the bag. The dust pan edge will not be in full contact with the ground because the smaller diameter of the paper leaf bag will cause it to curve. Not recommended for use upright in paper bags.  




Each Bag Butler has a large full color label with instructions.

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